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RC Car Action:

Check Out These Amazing 1/87 Scale Custom Trucks

If you think 1/18 scale and even 1/24 scale RC is small, you ain’t seen nothin’. Look at these micro-machines in 1/87 scale… First up, an amazing hand-built job from YouTuber “Potencial.8” out of Poland. This guy did it old-school, and he is not fooling around. Incredible stuff...


Elliott Boots #1 at Top 25 Rankings

See: Top 25 RC Jared Tebo earns his second 1/8 National title after a crazy final at the 2017 ROAR Nationals. Ryan Lutz continues his great year by finishing second and Spencer Rivkin rounds out the top 3. Elliot Boots inherits the world #1 ranking as former #1 Ryan Maified and...

Red RC:

Hudy brushless 40mm & 30mm fan units

Coming from Hudy are their new brushless 40mm and 30mm fan units. Ball raced and thus highly reliable the fans offer easy to reach solder tabs that allow for quick and convenient wire replacements and more tidy wire routing. The fans are usable as motor and speed controller...


ROAR NATS: Tebo topped Buggy final for emotional second national championship [VIDEO]

Kyosho's Jared Tebo drove his Maxima Mx-powered, AKA Products-equipped Kyosho buggy to the win in the Buggy main event - scoring his first class title since 2010 with his wife and three children watching trackside.

Red RC:

Sweep Racing 190mm touring car wing

Sweep Racing have introduced their new electric touring car rear wing. Sporting a width of 190mm the IFMAR-legal wing, that fits most of today’s 190mm touring car bodies, will greatly improve downforce and thus rear end grip in low traction conditions and it is available in...


Ty Tessmann’s ROAR Nats report

Race report from Ty Tessmann ( XRAY) “This past weekend we travelled to Stateline RC Raceway to attend the ROAR Fuel Offroad Nationals. The facility is awesome and the track owners went above and beyond to make sure everyone had everything they needed and more, and got the track...


New #1 atop Top 25 RC rankings after ROAR Nationals

Ryan Maifield's DNF at the ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals dropped him four spots in the Top 25 RC rankings - and pushed Elliott Boots to the top for the first time.

Red RC:

RC Prostyle T4 aluminium & carbon battery mount

Spanish company RC Prostyle have introduced their new LiPo battery mount for the Xray T4 series of electric touring cars. Constructed from machined carbon fibre and orange anodised 7075 aluminium, the mount allows to shift the battery pack forth and back as well as to the side a...

Tekno RC:

Tekno RC Team Report Week 26, 2017

Tekno RC Team Report Week 26, 2017 One more successful week with wins all around the world! Tekno RC team drivers Keith Hadley , Shawn Fraser , Mike Murphy , Javier Rivera , Jonathan Yeung , Akshay Patel and Alexey Olyushkin were able to top the podiums in USA , Canada , Bolivia...

Red RC:

Muchmore Fleta ZX Sting V2 brushless stock motor

Following the introduction of the new Fleta ZX V2 modified motor, Muchmore now also present the Fleta ZX Sting V2 stock variant. The outlaw stock motor utilise short stack technology for greatly improved power output over conventional stock motors and it features a highly...


ROAR Nitro Nationals 2017 @ Stateline R/C Raceway

Well the 2017 edition of the ROAR 1/8th Nitro Offroad National Championships are in the books. Things we knew coming in were that the track had a penchant for blowing out including the jump faces. Also we knew it was the midwest and weather would be unpredictable! Both ‘truisms...


New HUDY brushless 30mm and 40mm cooling fans

HUDY released their new 30mm and 40mm cooling fans, which feature solder tabs for cable replacement, bearing equipped design, and 170mm cable.


Ultimate M-4RZ Team Edition engine

See: Modelix Racing Modelix Racing have introduced the Ultimate M4RZ “Team Edition” engine. The “Team Edition” concept uses the same Ultimate engines that are for sale, but the engines are assembled directly in our factory, completely broken-in and then thoroughly checked by our...

Red RC:

3DRC 40mm Fan Booster short type

3DRC’s highly popular Fan Booster is now also available in a short 40mm variant for racing in extremely high ambient temperatures. It fits most 40mm fan units and directs cool air towards the motor can as well as the wires and solder tabs. The Fan Booster is simply attached using...

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